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Successful Entrepreneurs Take Action Say...

Read about one bald man’s mission to motivate 1 million people in the UK to make a difference to their lives and be inspired to take positive action yourself. More than just a PR stunt, this Manchester businessman has a credible long term goal.

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Can entrepreneurs become leaders? Are le...

These are very important questions and ones that have huge debates surrounding them. Good leadership is essential for the survival and profitability of businesses. This is even more critical for the survival of smaller firms. From my experience of developing leadership in small businesses I firmly believe that leaders can be made and that some entrepreneurs can be leaders.

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T Time: More on Prolific North

Our man in the East returns with a few thoughts on the launch of a brand new media, marketing and creative industry news website for the North.

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A better way to win new business?

Sarah Bradley, Managing Director of Acquire New Business and Founder of the not-for-profit Northern Soho organisation reveals her latest venture and aims to inspire a new way of business development for creative businesses.

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Spam, spam, spam and the pagers of spin!...

Tony Murray further digs into his memory bank to share his experience of poor business development practices by marcomms agencies.

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Once Upon a Time.. Part 2 of The five bi...

In the latest of a series of guest blogs for Smoking Gun PR, Tony Murray continues his look at how marketing agencies often fail to take their own medicine when it comes to managing their own reputations.

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A bunch of cobblers! The five biggest mi...

Smoking Gun’s guest blogger Tony Murray delves into his memory bank to dish the dirt on marketing agencies who’ve previously failed in their own promotion.

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T Time: The Mob Rules

The return of our media man in the East, AKA Tony Murray, Doctor Who baddies and more menacing TV personalities currently at the centre of national scandals.

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