Case Files

BBC Meet the Media at One Great George S...

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the recent BBC Meet the Media event in London’s Westminster recently….

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Media truth, lies and duplicitous images

They say a picture can tell thousands of words, and this has never been truer than in the age of…

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Has SKY reached its limit?

Next month sees the 25th anniversary of Britain’s very first SKY broadcast. Despite having a dish on plenty of unlisted buildings,…

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The Newsnight Tory mess and journalistic...

In the wake of another case in which the press look incompetent, at best, we try our hardest to consider both sides of the useless UK media argument.

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T Time: The Mob Rules

The return of our media man in the East, AKA Tony Murray, Doctor Who baddies and more menacing TV personalities currently at the centre of national scandals.

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London 2012: Who really won the media Ol...

Which British newspaper sold most extra copies during the Olympics? How many of us tuned in for Sunday’s Closing Ceremony? Who is the most tweeted about athlete? Many questions, many answers.

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The Blagger's Blog 3rd August 2012

Danny Boyle advertises Great Britain with his Opening Ceremony, Facebook accused of cheating and shaking down, celebrities dominate the media agenda, again.

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All that glitters may not be a gold meda...

With sport high on the marketing agenda it’s important not to be blinded by fool’s gold when considering media, social media, and PR launches.

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BBC's Barcelona means you'll n...

A new download service from the BBC will be launched soon, but will people pay for archive TV shows in digital format given our age of free media expectations?

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