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The Blagger's Blog 10th February 20...

This week’s media roundup with a distinctly filmic flavour; A Dangerous Method premieres, PR firm fails to see the shocking side of a sex drama, and Matthew Broderick reprises Ferris Bueller for Honda. Must be Friday then.

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Daily Mail proposes news provision cap

The national newspaper’s publisher proposes 30 per cent limit on market share, while the BBC would be exempt, which admittedly makes some sense.

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The Blagger's Blog 5th January 2012

Katy Perry, Russell Brand, bird flu, Chinese activists, Jamaican elections, digital highlighter pens, BBC adverts, and Manchester v London v Leeds in the tweets

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Could BBC radio cuts impact on emergency...

The axing of MW services could lead to less effective localised information, But if we’re switching to DAB soon anyway, what’s the problem?

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Could Twitter fail irrelevant X Factor j...

Tweets are more influential than traditional media and the X Factor judges when it comes to the audience vote. So where from here then?

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When things go too far- celebrity, socia...

Britain’s economic recovery slows, the public sector strikes and Jeremy Clarkson says they should be “executed”. Meanwhile, as PR people, we analyse the social media side.

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The Blagger's Blog 18th November 20...

Notes from the media with Frankie Cocozza, I’m A Celebrity, Amnesty locks iPhone users up, Welsh media in crisis, and more I’m A Celebrity.

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The future of TV

Sky’s new Adsmart personal advertising system, You View with 4OD, iPlayer and more, auto-3D, and hologram screens are all just around the corner, apparently.

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Ofcom launches review of media plurality

Questions will be asked over when and how to restrict media ownership, and whether the BBC should fall under plurality guidelines following the hacking scandal

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