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The Blagger's Blog 29th November 20...

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort Thought for the Week “It would be intolerable if…

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Does s*x still sell? Lessons from Miley ...

If you’ve got it, as they say, flaunt it. Since the earliest days of celebrity culture, bodies have been used…

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PR firms need to cut the cr*p, says Smok...

It’s time the public relations industry started practicing what it preaches on a daily basis by talking straight and remaining transparent.

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The Blagger's Blog 12th April 2013

Thatcher, a burnable edition of Farenheit 451, Stella Artois falling foul of a taste test, and The Skinny magazine in the north west make our media agenda.

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Introducing Instagram (in case you haven...

With 90million active members and 1,000 comments per second, the business potential of photo sharing is huge- we explore this visual social media landscape.

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The Blagger's Blog 4th January 2013

Google cleared of biasing results, eBay inundated with PR friendly unwanted Christmas pressies, Aurora victim families suffer Cinemark’s insensitive marketing.

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The Blagger's Blog 21st December 20...

The last media roundup of 2012 sees Facebook sell our memories, an American school m’am teach us about Christmas, and Wallace and Gromit Googling, of course.

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The social media annual 2012

What was the most tweeted event of the year? Who is the most influential person on social media of all time? We reveal all.

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November 2012 in the Smoking Gun study

December’s coming fast, but with a brand new client along with several events and ongoing pitch opportunities, nobody at this Manchester PR agency is even close to starting their Christmas shopping.

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