Case Files

The Newsnight Tory mess and journalistic...

In the wake of another case in which the press look incompetent, at best, we try our hardest to consider both sides of the useless UK media argument.

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Simply unmissable 10

How many people in Western Europe are now online? What’s it like to be a dog for a day? What’s wrong with cabaret, these questions and more answered here, finally.

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The Blagger's Blog 19th October 201...

Record breaking skydives, Cheryl Cole, Google’s share fall, predictions for next week and media events for the diary.

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How to post a video response to negative...

Bodyform creates a clip with a fictitious CEO explaining to some wise guy how the time of the month really works, offering a lesson in reactive marketing.

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The Blagger's Blog 28th September 2...

U.S. economic growth revised downwards, Kanye West sex tape, Downton Abbey, Rainforest Alliance advert, and homophobic PR fails. Another week in the media.

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The power of a tweet

From Amanda Holden to Katherine Jenkins and Daniel Thomas, we take a sideways glance at the social media muscles being flexed in the last month.

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Heineken- shaken, not stirred

With the new Bond movie just weeks away everyone’s talking about 007, not least in the context of product placements and the rejection of Martini for lager.

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How to sell and influence people

In the wake of Apple finishing on top of the UK Coolbrands list, we ask the eternal question: “What makes a brand cool?”

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September 2012 in the Smoking Gun Study

Another full month here on Quay Street has seen two new clients, and a host of high profile public relations campaigns keeping us busy.

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