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The Blagger's Blog 7th September 20...

Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nestle’s Brazilian GM food debacle, predictions for next week and dates for the diary. It’s that time of the week again then.

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T Time: Why I hate the Paralympics

Our man in the East, famed opinion speaker Tony Murray, considers the media’s obsession with homogeneity in light of this summer’s last sporting spectacle.

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The Blagger's Blog 31st August 2012

Elisabeth Murdoch speaks out against News Corp, Apple fall foul of sarcastic YouTubers, Betfred’s PR gaffe, next week’s predictions and dates for the diary.

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August 2012 in the Smoking Gun study

Bigger office space, a new account director, and praise from our PR peers. Must be business as usual here on Quay Street then.

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Simply unmissable 8

Avatars to provide imortality by 2045, Moleskine with Evernote support, and a cat with attitude. The best of the web in August is here.

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The Blagger's Blog 24th August 2012

Harry drops his pants, Benedict Cumberbatch defends posh, Miley Cyrus cuts hair; zombie advert, Tesco-ASDA water scandal, predictions and dates for the diary.

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The Blagger's Blog 17th August 2012

Bill Gates sets sights on toilet re-invention, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Total Recall TV adverts and George Michael’s Olympic humiliation.

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McDonalds sets sights on Olympic TV ad f...

The Official Restaurant of the Games develops user generated media content into brand new TV commercial, which will be ready for the Closing Ceremony.

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The Blagger's Blog 3rd August 2012

Danny Boyle advertises Great Britain with his Opening Ceremony, Facebook accused of cheating and shaking down, celebrities dominate the media agenda, again.

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