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The Blagger's Blog 11th October 201...

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort   Thought for the Week “I think it is…

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PR firms need to cut the cr*p, says Smok...

It’s time the public relations industry started practicing what it preaches on a daily basis by talking straight and remaining transparent.

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The Blagger's Blog 14th June 2013

GCSEs reformed, Giff Gaff’s zombie advert is just here to help, DirecTV punishes victims of house fire, and UK TV ratings to include on demand and catch up.

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The Blagger's Blog 7th June 2013

US monitors public via Apple, Google, Yahoo and more, McDonalds fails on Hello Kitty deal, Facebook cuts ads in half, Bilderberg Group, and more media news.

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The Blagger's Blog 24th May 2013

David Blunkett fears Britain’s political atmosphere. Capcom shows how to avoid public outrage. Nutella cancels its own celebratory day. to launch.

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The devil is in the detail and accuracy ...

A globe labelling the Falkland Islands in Spanish is found at the Sloane Square branch. A tale of oversight, and the importance of accuracy for brand image.

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The Blagger's Blog 12th April 2013

Thatcher, a burnable edition of Farenheit 451, Stella Artois falling foul of a taste test, and The Skinny magazine in the north west make our media agenda.

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March 2013 in the Smoking Gun study

A new client joins the fold and we help launch a social network. Meanwhile, another recruit arrives, along with two more award wins.

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The Blagger's Blog 1st March 2013

Our media roundup with Radio 2 DJs scored out of 10, No Dash For Gas law suit, chocolate CVs, BSkyB Telefonica takeover, and news predictions for next week.

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