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Google Glass: A glance in the wrong dire...

By now the spectacles capable of streaming and surfing are well documented. Unfortunately, though, the device is already being mocked in many reports.

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The media, this month May '13

Easy Living goes digital, iLove magazine launches, LinkedIn Today gets an update, Twitter is rife with typos, Lancashire Evening Telegraph changes, and more.

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The Blagger's Blog 24th May 2013

David Blunkett fears Britain’s political atmosphere. Capcom shows how to avoid public outrage. Nutella cancels its own celebratory day. to launch.

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The Blagger's Blog 26th April 2013

Britain on the road to economic recovery, again, Twitter invents cuckoo clock, Hyundai boasts 100% water emissions via suicide advert, plus more media news.

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The Blagger's Blog 19th April 2013

The London Marathon, Epicurious makes Boston bombing blunder, Sao Paulo skyscraper becomes Pac-Man, plus more media and PR news worth talking about.

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The Blagger's Blog 12th April 2013

Thatcher, a burnable edition of Farenheit 451, Stella Artois falling foul of a taste test, and The Skinny magazine in the north west make our media agenda.

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Don’t waste time fighting the Google r...

It’s never good for business if one company controls the market, hence the Competition Commission. Evidently, though, things work a bit differently when you trade online.

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Broadcasting to the 1billion

As the Daddy of all video sites closes on China and India in the population stakes we ask how it got so big, and consider what threat the competition poses.

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March 2013 in the Smoking Gun study

A new client joins the fold and we help launch a social network. Meanwhile, another recruit arrives, along with two more award wins.

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